Feb, 28th, 2008: SIPA Feb Event - Improvisational networking

Feb, 28th, 2008

6.00pm to 9pm
Juniper Networks
Pacific Conference room,
Bldg 3, first floor,
1194 N Mathilda Ave,
CA 94089

Members : Free
Online : $25
Walk-in: $30


"Networking." This loaded word often engenders thoughts of cheesy people being even cheesier as they "network" you. People trying to get to know someone in order to "get" something from them. It's a topic that's often bantered about in Business School : "try to become a better networker" we hear again and again! Well, what if you could take a seminar which would help you to be more "yourself"...i.e. more your actual, relaxed self in those situations that call for you to enter a room full of strangers and be able to connect genuinely with them? Or for you to go to a gathering and be able to walk away with a potential client's contact information without any effort or awkwardness? You can!


Join Cort "Improvise" Worthington and Phil "The Connector" Puthumana for a fun hour and a half of learning how to enhance your innate ability to connect with others & get to know people for who they really are. We'll be utilizing improv techniques to get you out of your seat and interacting with your classmates in this enjoyable, interactive session. You'll leave with a handful of natural networking "tools" for your future networking life.


 Phil Puthumana

 Phil Puthumana is a stand-up comic, CPA, and serialentrepreneur. He is co-founder of MathThink, LLC, aleader in online math education, and has worked withcompanies including Oracle Corporation and Ernst &Young. Phil graduated with MBA degrees from ColumbiaUniversity and the Haas School of Business at U.C.Berkeley.

 Cort Worthington

 Cort Worthington combines extensive business, academic, and real-world experience in his approach to training. Currently teaching Improvisational Networking, Cort's background includes founding or co-founding five separate companies, facilitating in a popular leadership course at Stanford's Graduate School of Business, and serving as a forest fighting crew leader and parachuting US Forest Service Smokejumper. Cort holds an MA in Communication from Stanford, an MBA from Columbia University (finance), and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley (leadership).He and his wife Susan live in San Francisco with their infant daughter, Shifra.

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